Food Allergy Treatment

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A food allergy occurs when your body’s immune system wrongly identifies a food substance as a danger to your body. Sometimes, this response will trigger a rash or a mild upset stomach. At other times, the response is much bigger and may trigger major swelling and trouble breathing. If you experience the latter food allergic reactions, consulting with a professional allergist is important to discuss food allergy treatment.

One obvious treatment is to avoid the food you are allergic to. If your allergy is so bad, however, that you react to simply being in the same room as the food, it can be dangerous to leave your allergy untreated. Additionally, many products may not clearly list your allergen, and you may be surprised by a contact allergy to a product that you would not expect containing your allergen.

The allergist center at Dr. David H. Dreyfus MD, PhD can give you allergy help with tailored treatments. Confront your allergy in New Haven, CT with food allergy treatment from Dr. David H. Dreyfus MD, PhD today!


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