Autoimmune Disease


When it comes to preventing an allergy or asthma attack, improving your immune system is arguably the best option. Not only will it prevent possible attack, it will also lessen the possibility of you acquiring other diseases, which is a risk with autoimmune syndromes. This is why, you should need to consult with a physician at Dr. David H. Dreyfus MD, PhD to know how best to improve your body’s defenses.

Immunology is a branch of biomedical science dealing with our body’s responses to antigenic challenge. It deals in the defense mechanism including all physical, chemical and biological properties of the body and helps it combat susceptible foreign organism.

Dr. David H. Dreyfus MD, PhD is the allergist to call for should you need boosting of your immune system. Our aim is to improve the management of allergies and related immunologist services, such as asthma and allergy.

If you need the help of an allergy doctor, call Dr. David H. Dreyfus MD, PhD in New Haven, CT and we’ll help you with allergy and asthma treatment.


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