Allergic Skin Disease

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Asthma and allergy are two of the most common health problems. In United States of America, approximately 50 million Americans have asthma, hay fever or other allergy-related conditions. This is why it is important to look into allergy testing from our allergy specialist.

While some allergy problems—such as mild hay fever—may not require treatment or can be controlled with occasional use of an over-the-counter medication, some allergic reactions can be life threatening. In this case one should contact an allergy specialist immediately.

An allergist is a physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating of allergic skin disease and asthma. An allergist is specially trained to identify factors that trigger asthma and allergies. Our office can help with skin infection, eczema and much more.

Dr. David H. Dreyfus MD, PhD is the premier allergy specialist in New Haven, CT. May it be food allergies, nasal allergies or skin allergies; we can find a good treatment for you. We conduct allergy testing and asthma testing to know what trigger the attack and how best to control it. If you’re looking for allergy and immunology specialist, contact Dr. David H. Dreyfus MD, PhD and we’ll help you prevent, manage, and control allergic reactions.


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